Who we are

Coop Italian Food

A new company 100% owned by Coop Italia created with the specific aim of representing the most qualified and reliable link between Italian food producers and international buyers.

Our mission

To make available to international players the expertise gained by Coop through its over 150 years of partnership with italian food producers. This allowed Coop to build a high quality italian food offer based on a rigorous safety management system.

Coop profile

Coop is the Italian market leader in grocery retail and has a deeply rooted and widespread presence on the territory with its stores network, its members and its suppliers.


Italian leadership!

Coop market share.

Coop is more than a retailer offering product at fair prices.

It is a business model that proves the importance of combining market logics with social responsibility.


A longtime
successful story!

Coop roots date back to 1854 and its history is intertwined with the history of Italy.


We are a

Coop is a consumers’ cooperative and has always been on the consumer’s side.

It is a company founded on people, its members.


The highest
PL share

over in Italy.

We rely on the greatest Made in Italy food platform represented by our Private Label Offer.


Coop Italian Food

Via del Lavoro, 23
40033 - Casalecchio di Reno (BO)
(+39) 051 591902